The Marriage Proposal and the Heartfelt YES

This is the first time that I’m going to blog about a personal part of my life here in More Like Twins; and since this is my first, I want this to be huge! As you can all probably guess, yes, he finally proposed! 💍 My boyfriend got a ring and proposed to me in the most simple and romantic way of doing so minus the flowers and the crowd. A marriage proposal just the both of us in our own world. I’ll let you know more as you read on. 😉


Every girl dreams of a grand marriage proposal with mysterious blindfolds, bouquets of flowers, a hidden video, a sudden shout of “Surprise!” followed by the guy of your dreams with one knee down in front of you with a ring saying, “Will you marry me?” Well, that used to be my dream too; but it suddenly felt flimsy after the simple, sweet and romantic proposal I experienced. For my curious friends and family members who kept on asking how the proposal went, let me give you a brief idea. It wasn’t en grande, but it was heart warming indeed.

👦🏻 Do you want to be my wife?
👩🏻 Sure, why not~
👦🏻 Really?
~ short moment of silence ~
👩🏻 Really. (laughs)
👦🏻 Won’t you regret it?
(Is he joking or is he serious?)
👩🏻 No. (reluctantly)
👦🏻 Then turn around for a while.
👩🏻 What is it? (laughs)
~ Bf hugged me from behind and showed me the ring 💍 ~
👦🏻 Will you be my wife?

It all started with a joke, a simple joke that we always have; and it was even said in Chinese so I still have to translate it for you guys. 😂 Some of you might think it isn’t anything special at all. But for me it was really a touching moment. ❤ We always joke around about getting married. I always tell him, “Hurry up and propose, you are so slow.“; and he always joke around saying, “I’ll propose to you with tricycles and jeepneys.” So it totally came as a shock to me when I saw the ring as soon as I opened my eyes. (Yes, I close my eyes whenever I laugh. Haha.)

Here it is in Chinese, and his version of the story~
A:不會後悔 ?
–拿出戒指, 從後面抱他–


And did I say yes? Of course I said YES! I have been waiting for this moment! We ‘ve been together for just a year and a half but I am quite sure that he is the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t really know how to express it. You just know it.

Moreover, he accepts me for who I am as much as I accept who he is. He accepts the fact that I like to sleep and I sleep like a pig. I can sleep 24 hours straight and he is okay with that. He accepts the fact that I tend to forget a lot of things, even things such as sending him a message to let him know where I am every time I go from one place to another. He accepts the fact that I like to eat shabu-shabu (or hotpot) any time of the day and almost every day. There are a lot more that I can say but this post would probably be in pages if I continue on.  😅


Some marriage proposal rings are engraved with diamonds, with crystals or anything shiny; but the one he gave me was a really simple gold one without blinkies. Honestly, I did ask him why in a joking manner; and he calmly responded saying,”The price of the one with a diamond and the one without a diamond isactually almost the same; but we are currently living in the Philippines and I want you wear the ring every day, anywhere. With Christmas season coming up, it isn’t really safe to let you wear a ring with a diamond. I’ll just give you a better one for engagement and for wedding.” I find it really sweet that he even thought of my safety. He really is the sweetest in the most unexpected ways! 😍

So here it is~

Excuse my nails, I wasn’t prepared!

I searched the net and realized that what he bought me wasn’t really an engagement ring or a promise ring. It is actually a wedding band which symbolizes shared happiness. I didn’t really know the difference between the two so I searched for it with the help of the oh-so-mighty Google.

Today, the terms ‘wedding ring’ and ‘wedding band’ have come to mean the same thing, and while they do both serve the same purpose, there, once upon a time, was a distinction. In the past, while women received a family ring or colored gemstone to mark a man’s intention, it was the men who historically wore wedding bands.  And at that time, wedding bands consisted of a plan circle of metal, devoid of diamonds or any ornamentation that we might see today. However, as times changed, so did tradition.  And when women began to wear wedding bands, designs slowly began to morph into something more decorative, feminine, and detail intensive, creating what is now known as a wedding ring. – Veragio 

So in short, what he actually bought is the traditional wedding ring. 😋




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  • Reply Teresa Dumadag

    Wow, I’m happy for you. :) That’s still sweet. It may not be what most people think is romantic but every love story is different. I had an uncommon marriage proposal, too. hahaha But what matters more is what happens after the wedding.

    January 14, 2017 at 2:06 pm
  • Reply Nya

    This was the sweetest post ever! I love how it all happened with a joke and how it surprised you all of a sudden since you weren’t expecting. These are the moments you remember later in life. Me and my boyfriend are always joking about getting married as well, hopefully will happen some day:) I’m so happy for you.
    Nya recently posted…How Much Does a Book Cover Design Cost?

    January 22, 2017 at 11:13 pm
  • Reply Maria

    Congrats on getting engaged! So you are both Chinese? Are you going to have a traditional Chinese wedding? I like that he gave you a wedding band. Having diamond-studded ring/s these days seems like a ticking bomb especially here in the Philippines. It’s as if you just want to hide all your jewels so it won’t be a temptation to other people. Haha. Anyhoo, congrats again on your engagement! :)
    Maria recently posted…Condo Hunting: Symfoni Kamias

    January 23, 2017 at 9:13 pm
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