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michelle mae

Hello there! I’m Michelle Mae, the younger blogger of MoreLikeTwins. I am someone who aspires to explore places locally and internationally as much as time and resources can allow. I enjoy tasting various native and exotic dishes all around the world. I eagerly seek heart-stopping outdoor adventures and activities. I love taking walks at night with the streets illuminated by bright lights. I appreciate creatively-designed buildings and Scandinavian-inspired homes. I take delight in reading good books, like the works of Paulo Coelho. On the other hand, I’m just an avid Japanese culture enthusiast who spends unproductive hours reading manga and watching anime (despite my age). My not-so-secret obsessions are chocolates and ice cream.

Through this blog, I happily put into words my weird adventures in food, travel, and life. My most daring travel challenge achievement yet was bungy-jumping off the famous Macau Tower by AJ Hackett. The most adventurous food I have ever eaten was a cubed-jelly cold cut with small worms inside from China. *vomits upon remembering*

Why do I travel? Well, for me, traveling is not just checking off one country after another in my bucket list. It’s about leaving my comfort zone and going out there in the world unknown to discover the cultures of other countries and actually experiencing them first-hand. It’s about learning the language of the locals and trying to communicate with them and understand them to the best of my abilities. To unravel and familiarize oneself with the lifestyle of a country’s community is the most wonderful thing an adventurer can experience. And all that is what traveling means to me. I may not have the resources to travel several times a year or the courage to leave everything behind to pursue a backpacking life, but I can do my best to travel as much as I can, one step at a time, no matter how long it takes. And that’s more than enough for me.

But this blog isn’t just about traveling, because that is not the only thing that defines me. I am also crazy about food, fashion (though I honestly lack the sense of it), cute things, and so much more! Which is why I am very excited to share all of my life adventures with you at every post of our blog!


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