Early 2016 Christmas at Bag of Beans, Tagaytay

Only 75 days left until Christmas!! Seriously, time flies so fast! It never actually occurred to me that the winter holiday is just a few months away until my family and I went to Bag of Beans, Tagaytay last Sunday for afternoon snacks. Apparently, Bag of Beans decided to skip Halloween and go straight to Christmas! Not that I’m complaining especially since they did their work really well! They already have an elegant Christmas tree and a bench for picture-taking inside their dining area. They even have a lot of beautiful Christmas decorations set up in one of their empty cabins where you’re free to enter and take pictures anytime. Trust me, that cabin was absolutely stunning! It’s like the Christmas-decorated houses you see in movies! Even my father who’s not fond of having his photo taken asked for someone to take a photo of us and kept telling me to take more pictures of the place. I already love Bag of Beans because of their heavenly hot chocolate and desserts, and now I’m falling even more in love!

Wolf & Bear Dog Cafe: Big Furry Alaskan Malamutes

It’s no secret, I really love dogs, especially big dogs! Unfortunately, I can’t take good care of one right now because of work, that’s why I sometimes have sleepovers at my cousin’s house. She’s an animal lover in general, which I think is the reason why she became a veterinarian. The number of dogs in her house is unbelievably amazing! She has five (or more) Siberian Huskies and a Dachshund! She was the one who told me about the Wolf & Bar Dog Cafe that just recently opened up in Araneta Center. They were still in their soft opening when we went there. It’s located right beside Bengal Brew, the cat cafe which only houses Bengal Cats. Both the cat cafe and the dog cafe are under the same ownership. Unlike other dog cafes, this one mostly focuses on big and furry Alaskan Malamutes. They currently have five Alaskan Malamutes, an Akita, a Pomeranian puppy, and a Jack Russell. The Alaskan Malamutes were so cute and playful that I couldn’t get enough of them!

Kyochon Chicken: South Korea’s Famous Fried Chicken

To be honest, I have never heard of Kyochon Chicken before even though it’s been in South Korea since 1991. I only found out how famous it is after it opened here in the Philippines. My cousin told me how much she liked their spicy chicken because it was really good despite her tongue burning! What got me interested in Kyochon is their promise of serving honest and healthy chicken using all natural ingredients. They also use Canola Oil in frying their chickens, which is said to reduce risk of heart disease because it is lower in cholesterol.

Another important fact here is that Kyochon Chicken is not a fast-food restaurant. They actually take their time in cooking the chickens, that’s why you have to wait 15-22 minutes before your food can be served. The server will inform you of that upon ordering. Personally, I don’t mind waiting for my orders if it means I get to eat quality food.

8 Cute Things to Buy in Mumuso

Mumuso Korea has just opened their second branch in Lucky Chinatown a few days ago and it was full of people wanting to see what’s in store for them. Mumuso is a fast fashionable leisure-lifestyle commodities store from Korea and their first branch is at Farmer’s Plaza. Like Daiso from Japan, they sell almost everything from make-up, beauty products, and fashion items to stuffed toys, electronic accessories, and home decors. The best part is that those cute and useful things can be bought for as low as P99. Talk about affordable! So I went around the store and personally picked some cute things to buy in Mumuso. I’m sure you’ll like them too!

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