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    MaryGold Beachfront Inn (formerly Marina Garden) in El Nido

    Choosing a place to stay has always been time-consuming for me whenever I plan to travel. We have a lot of requirements and we want it to fit our price range. Normally, if we find a hotel with a little above average price but is totally worth it, we book it immediately. One of the hotels that we booked that is a little above our budget was our stay in MaryGold Beachfront Inn (formerly Marina Garden) in El Nido. There are actually a lot more hotels around El Nido with a more affordable price but choosing MaryGold Beachfront Inn (formerly Marina Garden) was one of the best decision we did on our last visit to El Nido.

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    Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best Samgyeopsal

    Matgalne: My Favorite Samgyupsal Korean Restaurant

    Today marks Chinese New Year for the year 2017, and also my fiancé and I’s monthsary. It has always been our tradition to have a dinner date on our every monthsary. Today, we decided to have our date at Matgalne Korean Restaurant which is known to serve the best samgyeopsal. After dining, Matgalne Korean Restaurant’s samgyeopsal has now become my favorite place for samgyeopsal! Continue reading

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    Chanel Allure Pour Homme Perfume: A Gentleman’s Scent

    Since I’ve already blogged my favorite perfume for women, this time, I’m going to blog about Chanel Allure Pour Homme perfume for men, and one of my fiancé’s favorite perfume! At first, I thought Chanel is only a brand for women. However, during my last perfume shopping day with my fiancé, I found out that Chanel also has perfumes for men. I personally didn’t like the scent of Chanel’s perfumes for women but Chanel’s Allure Pour Homme perfume for men definitely is one of a kind.

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    Roses De Chloé Perfume by Chloé: A Fragrance for Women

    Roses de Chloe Perfume: A Fragrance for Women

    Valentines’ Day came a tad bit early for me this year! My loving fiancé bought me a Roses De Chloé perfume as a pre-Valentines’ gift! I’m not really the type of person who loves using perfumes. I used to believe that a person’s natural scent is far better than any perfumes in the world. I only started using perfumes when we started dating because he was so into perfumes and I got caught along with it. You know how one’s interest can affect another after being together for some time? Well, that’s what happened to me. Since we realized that the both of us were planning to buy perfumes as Valentine’s gift for one another, we decided to exchange perfumes as a pre-Valentines gift.
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    Meat-All-You-Can Korean Barbecue at KPUB BBQ Restaurant

    kpub korean bbq meat all you can taguig bgc

    KPUB BBQ Restaurant is definitely a haven for Korean Pop (KPop)  lovers! This KPop concept Korean barbecue restaurant  is one of the unique conceptual restaurants you can find in Metro Manila. Aside from the fact that it has a meat-all-you-can menu where you can gobble up as much meat as you want ranging from pork, beef, chicken and seafood, you also get to experience a KPop experience, right here in the Philippines as you indulge in Korean delicacies!

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    Five Reasons Why I Was Inspired To Start Blogging

    Reasons Why I Was Inspired to Start Blogging

    At first, it was just curiosity that made me try out blogging, and that obviously ended up with an on and off relationship with blogging. But why do I always come back after the dramatic separation? It is like I always get into a relationship with my ex-boyfriend, over and over again despite the disappointment and heartbreaks.

    Honestly speaking, I’ve been in a slump for quite some time now. I couldn’t write good articles and just couldn’t get myself motivated. And I don’t want to write half-assed articles just for an update. So I decided to take some time to think about the reasons why I keep coming back to blogging, to get back my motivation. It’s New Year’s Eve and I don’t want 2017 to start by my being in a slump. Which is why I decided to remind myself of the reasons why I blog, and here’s the list of reasons why I do. Continue reading

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    My Apologies for my Unannounced Hiatus

    Hello, everyone! First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not being able to write a blog post for the past few weeks. I’ve been feeling unwell for more than a month with a chronic fatigue and all sorts of symptoms such as insomnia, diarrhea, headache, nausea, dizziness, sore throat, cough, and colds. I feel so weak that I even almost fainted twice for the past two weeks. I’ve been struggling with so many things all at the same time that I don’t even know how to start explaining. I feel emotionally, mentally and physically tired to do anything. Continue reading

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    L’oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color Review

    Two weeks before my trip to El Nido, I decided to dye my hair purple after playing with an app called Make-Up Plus that makes you change your hair color. Initially, I wanted to have my hair done at a salon by professional hairstylists, but the prices were unexpectedly high and I would rather spend the money on my trip. So I went to look for different hair dyes and decided to dye my hair at home with a help of a friend who used to work at a salon. Continue reading

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    16 Things To Do Before Your Upcoming International Flight

    The moment you finally buy that cheap plane ticket to a country you’ve always wanted to visit is the one of the most satisfying feeling a person with a traveler’s soul can experience. Knowing that in just a few weeks or months away, you’ll be roaming around the beautiful night streets of Paris or kayaking through the rivers of the islands of Fiji is enough to make you burn all your time researching on various activities that you can do in your country of destination. There’s nothing wrong with that, after all, it’ll make you anticipate your much-awaited trip even more! But before you head to the airport for your flight, there are some important points that you need to remember to ensure a safe and hassle-free trip, including looking for the best hotel deals through online booking sites such as Traveloka. It’s very easy to use, has no hidden fees, and they even have an app you can download on your Android or iOS phones. These tips that I will be sharing with you are things that I have witnessed or personally experienced during my own travels.

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    Lugang Cafe: A Contemporary Taiwanese Restaurant


    I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I last posted! I had some personal matters to deal with so I didn’t have time to write a decent post. But I’m back now and today I’m here to share with you the lunch experience my family and I had at Lugang Cafe in Glorietta 2, located just beside Holiday Inn and Suites. It is a Chinese restaurant / cafe that serves Taiwanese and Cantonese dishes. Despite the word “cafe” in Lugang Cafe, I kind of think it’s more like a restaurant than a cafe. They have heavy dishes that’s good for a family of three or so. I really liked the interiors inside the restaurant, especially the mirrors and the chandeliers. The medium-sized plants along the center of the dining area also added a great effect for the ambiance.

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    The Marriage Proposal and the Heartfelt YES

    This is the first time that I’m going to blog about a personal part of my life here in More Like Twins; and since this is my first, I want this to be huge! As you can all probably guess, yes, he finally proposed! 💍 My boyfriend got a ring and proposed to me in the most simple and romantic way of doing so minus the flowers and the crowd. A marriage proposal just the both of us in our own world. I’ll let you know more as you read on. 😉

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