Yes, I love their cookies and you can be damn sure I’ll share it! I went to Mrs. Fields Cafe yesterday to have a quick lunch while waiting for someone. I went to a branch that wasn’t a kiosk but one with a dining area. It’s located on the ground floor of Treston University. The ambiance there was nice and the space in the dining area was big. A little piece of advice, don’t seat near the door during afternoons because it gets really hot there even with the air condition on.

mrs. fields cafe
I originally ordered a Beef with Mushroom Sauce combo meal, but unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of it. The beef was really thin and there was almost no mushrooms. The sauce wasn’t very good as well. Instead of being creamy, it was a little too watery. Simply put, I didn’t like it that much. The photo above is the cookie that comes with the combo meal. The Milk Chocolate Chip was too sweet for me when I tried it before, so I settled for a Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip. It might still be a little too sweet for some people, that’s why I don’t recommend it to those who don’t have a sweet tooth. As for me, I can eat a dozen of it!

I ordered an Iced Caramel Macchiato that’s also included in the combo meal. What I like about this drink is its perfect blend of the sweet taste of caramel and the coffee. I also like its subtle coffee aroma and its creamy texture. The sweetness of the caramel minimizes the bitter flavor of the coffee as well. I’m not exactly a fan of black coffee, so I prefer them with ice, milk/cream, and sugar.

That sandwich above is called Roast Beef on Wheat Bread. I kind of liked their sandwich. The roast beef tasted nice and I really liked that they used wheat bread. I was most disappointed with their potato chips as it was not thin and crispy at all. The roast beef was just a little too hard to chew and the vegetables didn’t seem fresh. But it’s perfect for people who want to eat something healthy.

In the end, I love their drinks and cookies, but the rice dishes are somewhat average. I heard their pastas are really good though, especially their Carbonara. I’ll make sure to try it next time!

Mrs. Fields Cafe
Treston International College
University Parkway Drive, 32nd St.
Cor C-5, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel No: 511-0988/819-6165 loc. 2111

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