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Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best Samgyeopsal

Matgalne: My Favorite Samgyupsal Korean Restaurant

Today marks Chinese New Year for the year 2017, and also my fiancé and I’s monthsary. It has always been our tradition to have a dinner date on our every monthsary. Today, we decided to have our date at Matgalne Korean Restaurant which is known to serve the best samgyeopsal. After dining, Matgalne Korean Restaurant’s samgyeopsal has now become my favorite place for samgyeopsal!

Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best SamgyeopsalHonestly speaking, I haven’t heard of Matgalne Korean Restaurant before. We found the place while we were roaming around the Shangri-La Plaza Mall looking for a new restaurant to try. At the end of the 6th floor, we found a Korean restaurant hidden from the rest of the restaurants with a lot of dining customers and decided to try it out ourselves. It was when I searched the internet on the spot that I realized it is actually quite well-known for their samgyeopsal!

Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best SamgyeopsalAt first, we decided to seat at the outside table, away from the noise, but then the waitress informed us that we can’t order grill on our table because we are seated outside. This is probably one of the mall policy. The waitress kindly assisted us to a table inside the restaurant and prepared the grill for us as they took our orders.

Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best Samgyeopsal

Some of the unlimited side dishes

Their menu was quite simple with limited choices. They have appetizers, set meals, soups, grill on the table and premium meat for the grill.  Side dishes are served both for the set meals and the grill. Seeing several set meals on their menu made me want to try their set meals but since this is a Korean restaurant, a grill is a must!

Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best Samgyeopsal

Aside from the typical side dishes, Matgalne Korean Restaurant serves salad as one of their side dishes. I really like the fact that they separated the dressing in a different container. It gives me the power to add the dressing myself exactly how I want it. The taste of their dressing is quite delicious, and the vegetables are so fresh to the point that it crunches with my every bite!
Kimbap at Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best SamgyeopsalFor our appetizer, we ordered Kimbap or Korean roll. It is the Korean version of Japanese sushi, also wrapped with dried seaweed. The taste is quite different from the typical Japanese sushi, though. Unlike Japanese sushi, this one is a bit sweet. But we nevertheless loved it!

Kimchi Jjigae at Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best SamgyeopsalAs for our soup, we ordered my all-time favorite, the Kimchi Jjigae. Kimchi Jjigae is actually a spicy Korean stew with ripened kimchi, tofu, and pork. However, the soup of the stew isn’t too strong which is why I always order it as my soup whenever I dine at a Korean restaurant. Kimchi Jjigae is one of their set meals, meaning it is served with a freshly cooked rice! The rice took me by surprise. The rice was perfectly cooked. and tastes perfect with the kimchi stew!

Samgyeopsal at Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best SamgyeopsalOf course for our main dish, we ordered Samgyeopsal or in layman terms, pork belly. I actually wanted to order one more plate seeing the quantity of the 150g meat on the plate but good thing my fiancé stopped me from doing so. The meat was sliced thickly as you can see in the photo and is actually quite heavy on the stomach. Matgalne Korean Restaurant’s samgyeopsal is indeed mouth-watering. The taste of their pork belly is so much different from the Korean restaurants I previously dined at! Fresh vegetables are also served with the order of samgyupsal, and would also serve all the sauce necessary for the customer’s perfect meal. A mouth of the samgyupsal and side dishes wrapped with the vegetable and dipped with the sauces is pure bliss. ❤

Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best SamgyeopsalAfter dining at Matgalne Korean Restaurant, I can say that I would definitely come back for more! 😋

Overview: Matgalne Korean Restaurant

Meal for two:
– Kimbap (Php 175)
– Kimchi Jjigae (Php 345)
– Samgyeopsal (Php 345)
Total Cost of our meal: Php 865
Average Cost for two: Php 1000

The quality of the ingredients, the taste of the meal, and the service are indeed worth the price!

The price listed above is the total cost of our dinner meal at Matgalne Korean Restaurant. We didn’t order any drink for the meal. With drinks, the average cost for two would probably be Php 1000. I can’t really say that dining at Matgalne Korean Restaurant is considered affordable. I have been to a much more affordable Korean restaurant that serves the same menu. However, the quality of the ingredients, the meal, and the service is indeed worth the price.

Matgalne Korean Restaurant Serves the Best Samgyeopsal

Matgalne Korean Restaurant
Level 6, Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas Center, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
Tel.# (02) 9420791
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM

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  • Reply Berlin

    This is a nice place to satisfy that Korean food craving. I havent tried their Sushi version and I bet I would love it as I enjoy anything sweet. I find the price not too costly as well, certainly will not hurt your pocket. Will definitely ask my husband to bring me there after my lab test tomorrow. Good thing I need today for my lab test and surely I will enjoy my first meal after my 8hour fasting.
    Berlin recently posted…MOMI LEARNS| The Privileged. The Humbled. The Grateful.

    January 30, 2017 at 7:28 pm
  • Reply cieri of

    I have heard about Matgalne from colleagues. I did not know they have a branch in Shangrila! Good to know you find it worth it. Might give it a try then.

    January 30, 2017 at 10:36 pm
    • Gryselle Mae
      Reply Gryselle Mae

      Their Ortigas branch is a lot more well-known that the Shangri-La branch because the Matgalne’s Ortigas branch offers an all-you-can-eat samgyeopsal. They don’t offer it at Shangri-La Mall. :)

      February 4, 2017 at 12:07 am
  • Reply Stella the Travelerette

    That food looks amazing! I already know I love kimchi and kimbap, so I would definitely want to try those. I’ve never tried that pork belly dish though. I’m sure it’s delicious! Maybe someday I will even learn to spell it.
    Stella the Travelerette recently posted…A Perfect Travel Itinerary for the Hill Country in Texas

    January 31, 2017 at 8:49 am
    • Gryselle Mae
      Reply Gryselle Mae

      It actually took me a while to spell it right as well. I used to spell the pork belly as “Samgyupsal” but then I realized it should e “Samgyeopsal”. Korean words really confuse me. Haha.

      February 4, 2017 at 12:06 am
  • Reply Aica Batoon

    Wow! As much as I love kdrama, I am very much in love with Korean food too. I have tried samgyeopsal in other Korean restaurants before but I’ve never heard of this place. With you saying that it is now your favorite place for samgyeopsal, I badly want to try it! Will surely recommend this restaurant next time our family stays in Shangri-La.

    January 31, 2017 at 9:47 pm
  • Reply Kathy Ngo

    I was just at Shangri La the other day and did not even realize that there was a Korean place there. Ugh. I would have dragged my friends to eat there had I known. But now that I do know, it isn’t far off that I would drag them there.
    Kathy Ngo recently posted…Generika Reminder: Nourish Your Health

    February 2, 2017 at 9:25 pm
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