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Live.Me : The #1 Social Live Video Streaming App : Online Video Streaming App

You haven’t seen me guys recently and I apologize for that. After a month of inactivity, I would like to share with you an amazing app I discovered not so long ago, Live.Me. It is a live video sharing app that I’m so hooked on for three weeks now. Because Live.Me app is not widely used here in the Philippines, I decided to do a blog post about it.  Let me brief you through what Live.Me got to offer and why I’m so hooked! 😉 : Social Live Video Streaming App

Better than Snapchat!

I really didn’t want to mention any apps and compare Live.Me to it but I can’t really think of any other way to describe Live.Me. With Live.Me, you can broadcast live video stream and even chat with your viewers at the same time! Viewers can send you gifts, or in a more inexpensive way, send you likes by tapping on the screen. Get as many followers as you can by doing an interactive and entertaining broadcast.

But wait a minute! Don’t forget to follow the set community rules and regulations to avoid being blocked and banned from the Live.Me regulators.

General Community Rules:
1. No nudity or overly sexualized content.
2. No bullying, harassment or hateful language.
3. No use of, reference to, illegal substances or criminal
4. No violent, self-harming, or self-mutilating acts or threats.
5. No posting of private content.
6. No spamming.
7. No impersonation.
8. No violation of copyrights; DMCA Policy.

* For more details, you may check out Live.Me Community Policy PageLive.Me : The #1 Social Live Video Streaming App

Broadcast together with your friends!

In Live.Me, they call this “Beam”. I didn’t know what it was at first so this is something I believe I have to explain to you guys. Beam is doing a dual broadcast with another Live.Me user.  Viewers can call you during your broadcast, and you may accept or decline the call.  Likewise, broadcasters can call their viewers as well. When you accept a call, their video broadcast will pop-up on the upper left of your screen. It is similar to having a video call, except for this one, it is open to your viewers.

Any viewers can call broadcasters but not all broadcasters can do beam. Broadcasters should reach level 10 first to be able to start beaming. Also, broadcasters have the right to open or close the beam feature. If broadcasters close the beam feature, viewers can’t call the broadcaster. This saves a lot of trouble for the broadcasters as some viewers may continuous call the broadcaster if they won’t answer the call.

How do you know if the broadcaster has opened his beam feature? Check out the photo on the right, you see the video icon? If you see the video icon, it means the broadcasters beam feature is active and that viewers may call the broadcaster, it is of course up to the broadcaster if they would answer your call.  Live.Me : The #1 Social Live Video Streaming App

Connect with Live.Me Broadcasters!

This is one of the main reason why I love this app, I badly needed an interaction with the outside world aside from my very own little world. I want to meet new people and practice my Chinese language proficiency at the same time.

In Live.Me world, you can be either a broadcaster, a viewer, or you can be both. I have been watching live broadcast and recently did live broadcasts myself.  That makes me the latter. Though I am in the Philippines and I am connected to the International server, I mostly check Taiwanese broadcasters and speak Mandarin Chinese as my main language in my broadcast. I still do speak English and Tagalog once in a while, though.

You can check out nearby broadcasters or explore broadcasters from other countries. Some countries such as Taiwan and Japan have their own servers, so their top broadcasters and gifts are different from the international server.

Though I am in the Philippines and I am connected to the International server, I mostly check Taiwanese broadcasters and speak Mandarin Chinese as my main language in my broadcast. I still do speak English and Tagalog once in a while, though.

Live.Me : The #1 Social Live Video Streaming AppJust type in “Grysh” (or “璦明 ” in Chinese) in the search bar. Make sure to double check the profile photo! 

If ever you’ve decided to join Live.Me, feel free to follow me and watch my broadcast. Just type in “Grysh” in the search bar and look for my profile photo. I can guide you through Live.Me. You can also message me privately in Live.Me if you missed my broadcast. Just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post and I am in no way related to Live.Me. I simply wish to share an amazing app that I think deserves more credit. Nevertheless, I’ll do my best to answer your questions. 😉

* is available both in Google Playstore and Apple Store. 

Live.Me : The #1 Social Live Video Streaming App

Download the app by clicking on this image to get 25 gold coins for free.
You may immediately send gifts on your first watch!

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