Your Perfect Guide to Boracay White Beach

Your Perfect Guide to Boracay

Destination: Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines
Travel Dates: 8/12 ~ 8/16/2015
Way To Travel: Self-Planning
Estimated Pocket Money ₱ 20,000

DAY ONE (Arrival)
8:00 – Flight from Manila to Caticlan Airport
8:30 – Ride a tricycle from Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Jetty Port (PHP 50/pax)
9:00 – Ride a pump boat from Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Port (PHP 200/pax)
9:30 – Rode tricycle from Boracay Port to hotel (PHP 250/Big tricycle good for 10 pax)
10:00 – Leave the luggage at the hotel, most hotels allow guests to do so
10:30 – Eat Brunch at Cozina
11:00 – Visit D’Mall and buy a gallon of water at the grocery
12:00 – Free Time
14:00 – Check-in at the hotel, rest for an hour or two. Flight rides may be tiring for some people
19:00 – Dinner at True Food (Recommended dish: Curry Lamb)
20:00 – Go to Sandbar for drinks while watching fire dancers control the stage

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DAY TWO (Water Sports)
12:00 – Lunch at Aria
13:00 – Jet Ski Tours (PHP 7000/unit; minimum of two)
14:00 – Tornado Jet Boat (PHP 1500/pax; minimum of 6 pax)
14:30 – Helmet Diving (PHP 1500/pax)
16:00 – Banana Boat (PHP 300/pax; minimum of 5 pax)
16:30 – Fly Fish (PHP 750/pax; minimum of 3 pax)
17:00 – Parasailing (PHP 2300 for single; P1700 for two)
18:00 – Paraw Sailing (PHP 1000 for 1~2 pax; PHP 1500 for 3~4 pax)
19:00 – G-Max reverse Bungy Boracay (PHP 1600/pax; + PHP 700 for video copy on a 2GB USB)
20:00 – Dinner at Hawaiian B-B-Q (Recommended dish: Liempo)
* Freestyle after dinner, or you can take a massage for PHP 300++/pax at the beachside.

12:00 – Lunch at Ole Spanish Tapa Bar & Restaurant
13:00 – Head to Fairways and Bluewater Resort (PHP 300/big tricycle; good for 10 pax)
14:00 – Ride the Zipline (PHP 700/pax)
15:00 – Ride ATV to Mt. Luho
16:30 – Visit the zoo of Mt. Luho
17:00 – Enjoy the view and watch the sunset at the top of Mt. Luho
17:30 – Ride the ATV downhill
18:00 – Take a ride to Escondido’s Boracay Crab House (PHP 300/big tricycle; good for 10 pax)
* Freestyle after dinner. You may go barhopping with Pubcrawl (PHP 990/pax; you may reserve online)

DAY FOUR (Island Hopping)
12:00 – Lunch at Tres Amigas (Best Mexican food in Boracay; Must-try: Tres Amigos Tortilla Combo, Ground Beef & Cheese Nacho, Chimichanga)
13:00 – Island Hopping to Crystal Cove & Puka Beach. You’ll also be able to go snorkeling in the middle of the sea. You can also drop by Puka Grande and have a snack. Their seafood are a must-try! (PHP 2000/boat; maximum of 10 people; + PHP 50 for snorkeling)
16:00 – Return to Boracay White Beach
* Free time. You may do water sports again during this time if day two’s activity didn’t satisfy you.
19:00 – Dinner at Obama Grill
* Freestyle after dinner. Don’t overdrink or you won’t be able to enjoy Ariel’s Point!

DAY FIVE (Ariel’s Point)
*You have to register and reserve on their website or through their hotline (PHP 2500/pax for the whole day)
9:00 – Leave for Ariel’s Point
9:15 – Register at Ariel’s Point
9:30 – Breakfast at Ariel’s Point
11:00 – Departure from Ariel’s Point
12:00 – Arrive at Ariel’s Point
13:00 – Lunch buffet will be served
14:00 – Kayaking, cliff diving, and snorkeling activities
16:30 – Lava Stone Massage (PHP 3500/pax; reserve via online as early as possible)
19:00 – Dinner at any place you want since this will be your last day before your flight if you have a 5 days trip like we did.
* Freestyle after dinner. Take one last massage. The activities in Ariel Point would surely make your body sore.

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