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Traveling and making itineraries has always been our passion. No matter how near or how far my destination is, we always plan for our stops. Gryselle likes to travel with a  plan to save the hassle of looking for places to go and missing all the great places that should have been visited. Michelle is the adventurous type who likes spontaneous trip and with just do a little research beforehand. Time is gold for us two ladies and getting a chance to travel come by very rarely in our lives. The most we get out of the country is once a year and a couple more times a year for domestic travels.  Planning trips have always been our expertise so if ever you need to go anywhere around the world and you don’t have time to make an itinerary, leave it to us! 😘

List of Travel Guides and Itineraries For Your Trip

Batanes Trip Itinerary for 5 days 4 nights          Your Perfect Guide to Boracay
Things You Can Do In Binondo Chinatown         The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines

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