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Hanako: Hidden Japanese Restaurant in Maginhawa

Hanako: Japanese Restaurant in Maginhawa

My engagement is coming up and it was time for my second fitting. We got there earlier than expected and decided to have lunch at a restaurant nearby, and that’s how we found Hanako. Hanako is a small Japanese restaurant in Maginhawa hidden inside the Bo’s Coffee/ Anytime Fitness Building.

My fiancé always said that if you don’t know what to eat, then dine at a Japanese restaurant as it is the safest. If the food isn’t delicious, at least it can’t be that bad. When he first came to the Philippines, all he ate for the first few weeks was Japanese cuisine as he didn’t know if local dishes would fit his tastes. And after his 3 years (going 4 now) stay here in the Philippines, one restaurant finally proved him wrong. 

We didn’t order much for lunch as I didn’t want to get so bloated that I won’t be able to fit into my dress and mess up the measurement. We ordered the usual dishes that we would normally order at a Japanese restaurant.

Hanako: Japanese Restaurant in Maginhawa

Miso Soup

I can’t miss out on ordering miso soup at a Japanese restaurant; or in any other restaurant actually. Soup is a must-have appetizer for me to help my stomach digest the food better. Indigestion is not new to me. For the miso soup I ordered in Hanako, the soup lacks the flavor. I think more miso paste should be added to their soup.

Hanako: Japanese Restaurant in Maginhawa

Agedashi Tofu

Ofcourse we ordered my fiancé’s favorite, the Agedashi Tofu. I’d say we both regretted ordering this dish. The tofu didn’t have much flavor. The tofu wasn’t able to sip the taste of the sauce while it was being cooked which kind of left us disappointed.

Hanako: Japanese Restaurant in Maginhawa

Pork Gyoza

This is what I usually order when I don’t want to eat too much for the meal. Hanako’s Gyoza tasted okay. It wasn’t anything special and it wasn’t juicy at all. I’d say it was enough to fill my stomach at least.

Hanako: Japanese Restaurant in Maginhawa


Another one of my fiancé’s must-have meal is the Katsudon. I took a few bite from the katsu don and felt like it tasted okay, but he thought otherwise. I guess he is an expert when it comes to tasting katsu don as he always orders this dish at any Japanese restaurant. He complained that the meat was too dry.


⭐ Overall, we were satisfied with our meal ‘coz the taste was at least acceptable but the problem arose an hour after our meal. My fiancé suddenly had an upset stomach. This happens whenever a food he ate wasn’t clean or properly cooked, and he didn’t eat anything after our meal in Hanako so we assume that his upset stomach was caused by the food we had at Hanako during lunch time. For those with a weak stomach like my fiancé, I don’t think this restaurant is for you.

「Hanako Japanese Restaurant」
99 Maginhawa street, Diliman, Quezon City
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Honestly reviewed based on experience.

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