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Food Trip Experience at The Yard Underground Pasig

We don’t have much night markets such as the ones in other countries, but at least we got food markets such as The Yard Underground located in Pasig City. Initially, I had doubts in visiting The Yard Underground with the negative reviews I’ve read and heard from the people around me but then I realized I should try it out first before judging it. Glad I did. 

The Yard Underground

So many foods to choose from! I actually spent a few minutes thinking which one we should go for first.

The Yard Underground

Iced Milktea and Iced Peach Tea

Since we were tired from all the walking we did that day, we decided to get some drinks first to beat the heat. The Yard Underground isn’t air conditioned like most night markets and it was packed that night that we barely got a table. Since there was just two of us (my fiancé and I), one of us got to stay on the table while the other goes to order food for our hungry stomach. I did the latter as I can communicate better than he does.

The Yard Underground

Vietnamese food from Saigon Sadie

Since we sat at a table right in front of Saigon Sadie, it was my first stop for our food trip. The lady at the counter was really nice and they recommended to order their appetizer set instead of ordering them separately by ala carte. So, I ordered their appetizer set that includes spring rolls and pork skewers. The taste is okay. The sauce is a bit sweet for me and we felt like it was a little bit too dry.

The Yard Underground

Japanese Shrimp Tempura

Since we had Vietnamese food, I wanted to try another cuisine so I immediately jumped on ordering Tempura. I regretted doing so afterward. The lady selling the Tempura was so rude it almost ruined my night. I do understand that she is tired of the heat and with all the orders but service is service. This is the industry she is working at and no matter how tired she is, she should at least greet their customers or smile. The tempura was bland and cold. It was utterly disappointing!

The Yard Underground

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes with Corn

I forgot the name of this stall but it is beside the one selling tempura. The lady behind the stall was kind and polite. When they didn’t have a change for my bill, she politely apologized and asked me which table I’m sitting at so she can just deliver my order and change to our table. She lifted up my mood a bit. The mashed potato was bland as well though. They added too much water on the cheese, but I forgive them for that as I experienced good service from them.

The Yard Underground

Fried Squid

While my fiancé was waiting for me at the table, he noticed that a lot of tables ordered huge fried squid on a stick and wanted to try it out too. I looked around for it and found out it was on the second floor. This squid totally made my day. The fried squid tastes just like the ones we had in Taiwan night market, and it was huge too. The squid on a stick is as big as our face! At first, I thought it was just because of the breading but I was wrong. There was so many meat and the meat was very soft as well. It melts into my mouth on my first bite and we both love it!

⭐ Overall, The Yard Underground was a great experience but the one thing that made our trip so worth it was the squid. Too bad I wasn’t able to catch the name of the stall but I’ll definitely go back for more of that squid!

The Yard Underground
207 Christian Route, Hill Crest Circle, Oranbo, Pasig City
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Honestly reviewed based on experience.

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