October 9 of 2016, my boyfriend and I decided to look for a food market to go to since it has been a while since we last went to a food market. We were supposed to go to Purefoods Baconfest but it was already over when we arrived, turns out we got the date wrong. The Purefoods Baconfest was only until October 8, 2016. You should have seen our faces. We were so shocked at our own stupidity and felt really disappointed. We both love bacon, which is why we decided to go to Bonifacio High Street to look for a restaurant that serves good bacon. Even though we weren’t able to attend Purefoods Baconfest but we should at least still be able to eat bacon, right?

It was when we arrived at Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) that we discovered another food market. The Gourmand Market definitely saved our day and gave us hope. Screw bacon, we finally get to attend a food market!

Gourmend Market
The Gourmand Market isn’t huge. It is actually small compared to the other markets I have attended.
Gourmend Market
I like the idea of having PlayWorx tent so that the kids can enjoy the market as well. Most kids hate going to markets because of the heat and because they don’t have anything else to do. Kids have smaller appetite compared to teenagers and adults.
Gourmend Market
A lot of people were in line for this U.S. Roastbeef. I wasn’t able to try it due to the intense crowd. T_T
Gourmend Market
For beer lovers, there’s also Pedro Brewcrafters stall.
Gourmend Market
Takoyaki stall!! I haven’t eaten takoyaki for years~
Gourmend Market
Takoyaki in-the-making. Kuya looks so tired.
Gourmend Market
Takoyaki Platter! It was so-so for me. My boyfriend was quite disappointed. He said there’s no octopus in the takoyaki. I told him that the takoyaki here in the Philippines don’t have octopus meat in it despite the fact that takoyaki means “octopus ball” in Japanese.
Gourmend Market
I ordered a unique Kani Salad from one of the sushi stalls. I forgot the name of the stall but this was delicious! I heard they have an actual store in Serendra.
Gourmend Market
This is probably one of the best things about the market. You get to listen to songs while you enjoy the market place.

It wasn’t until I got home that I searched for Gourmand Market in Google; turns out the food event is being held numeral times in a year from 2015. According to Booky, Gourmand Market is a go-to destination for artisanal food. Their events are guided by the philosophy, “Eat well, live well.” Look out for the next one~ I’m not sure when it would be but I’ll definitely share it with you guys once I get a hold of the details. ;)


Gryselle is one of the bloggers of MoreLikeTwins. She loves to travel with style and taste the different flavors of the world. She has often seen dining at a hole in the wall restaurants or drinking a cup of iced coffee in a modern coffee shop alone as a way of her relaxation. Cheerful and carefree are the two words that definitely best describes her. ❤


  1. This looks so incredible! In my small town, we definitely don’t have anything close to this or even in the area. It’s especially awesome that they had a small area for kids to enjoy as well. Looks like a great time!

    • Gryselle Mae

      This is kind of similar to a night market. And yes, I really admire the fact that they thought of how kids would feel in a food market for adults! :)

  2. I didn’t know this was happening until I passed by the venue that time. What got me hooked there aside from the food was Raymund Marasigan performing ’round there. What luck!

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