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Fine Dining Experience at Terry’s Bistro

Terry's Bistro

I have been pestering my boyfriend for months to dine at Terry’s Bistro in Salcedo Village. The upscale Spanish fine dining restaurant caught my eyes a few months before while I was on my way to work. It was the route that I used to take every day to and from my day job office. I have already given up on the idea of being able to have a date in this luxurious-looking restaurant when (surprise, surprise!) my boyfriend suddenly suggested we dine at the said restaurant to celebrate for our 16th monthsary. I was so ecstatic!

The first thing I noticed when I entered Terry’s Bistro is the ambiance. It isn’t as luxurious as I thought it would be but the place made me feel like a successful career woman. (Haha, with exaggeration of course) Since I have read so many reviews about the restaurant, my expectations were really high. I even already have an idea on what to order even before the waitress gave us the menu! Due to my excitement, we ordered too much for a meal for two. Fortunately, the waitress warned us about our excessive order and suggested we share the dishes instead. Kudos to the service!


Mushrooms and Jamon Al Ajillo – Organic mushroom sauteed in garlic and garnished with Jamon Serrano shavings

For our appetizer, we ordered Almejas A La Marinera and Mushroom and Jamon Al Ajillo. The latter one was recommended by the waitress. She said most of their diners would order this dish as their appetizer, and I can understand why. It may look really oily (says boyfie) but I love the fresh taste of the shiitake mushroom mixed with the saltiness of the bacon-like strips sauteed in garlic.  As for the Almejas A La Marinera, the fresh clams was cooked really well but I didn’t like the taste of the sauce with it. The taste of dry Sherry was too strong for me.


Almejas a La Marinera – Fresh clams cooked in a harmonious combination of dry Sherry, Pimenton de la Vera, garlic and extra virgin olive oil

Next up was the soup. I was quite disappointed that the soup wasn’t served first. I have a knack of having my soup first before any other dishes, but I guess I couldn’t blame them. They did mention later on, while we were enjoying our appetizer, that they ran out of the Elegant Oyster Soup that we supposedly ordered, which is why the waitress suggested a new soup in place of their house specialty soup. I was so looking forward to the oyster soup, it was one of the dishes that I was greatly interested in. (Sigh~)

The All-Time Cocido Soup soup we ordered in place of the oyster soup was “meh”. Boyfie also felt the same. It wasn’t anything special and I found it really salty. Good thing we only ordered one and had it served for two; else, I probably wouldn’t be able to empty soup bowl.


All-Time Cocido Soup – A hearty clear capellini soup enriched with chicken and hard-boiled quail eggs with a touch of organic mint leaves

Finally, after the appetizers and the soup, here comes the entrées!

While ordering, I have been contemplating whether to order the Perfect Salmon or the “San Jacobo” de Lomo Iberico a La Crema del Casar; in the end, I decided to take a risk and ordered the one with the longer name and with food description that I couldn’t understand or even picture how it would look like. I guess I was feeling adventurous for the night.

It was definitely the wrong move. “San Jacobo” de Lomo Iberico a La Crema del Casar dish looked really presentable and honestly, I was quite amazed when the cheese oozed out on my first slice but when I had my first bite, I was greatly disappointed. I didn’t like the taste of the cheese with pork meat. My boyfriend and I exchanged entrées half way our meal and he didn’t like it too. Take note, he is the kind of person who loves pork loins more than anyone else I know!


“San Jacobo” de Lomo Iberico a la Crema del Casar – Iberico loin stuffed with Jamon Iberico Montaraz and Torta del Casar cheese wrapped in a coat of crispy bread crumbs, served with steak fries and Brava sauce

As for my boyfriend’s entrée, he ordered Salmis De Canard Armagnac Style. He said he wanted to try out their duck dish as he rarely gets to eat duck meat here in the Philippines. He didn’t like what he ordered as well, but I liked what he ordered. The duck meat was so-so, it was the sauce that caught my taste buds. The rice was really cooked uniquely but it was just average for me, definitely no “wow” effect.


Salmis de Canard Armagnac Style – Roasted duck liver, wild mushroom, and prune risotto infused with the restaurant’s exclusive Armagnac – Samalens

Though we ordered a lot, our bill only costs around P2500, which is considered affordable for a fine dining restaurant. I guess you get what you paid for. Terry’s Bistro is definitely overrated but I would still love to go back to try their oyster soup and salmon dish but I guess it might take a while since we didn’t really enjoy the dishes as much as we thought we would.

Terry’s Bistro
Ground Floor, One Lafayette Square, 132 L. P. Leviste Corner Sedeno Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Contact: (02) 8893194, (02) 8893198

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  • Reply Johna

    Stunning photos!!! I’m sure if I ate here I’d feel like a super successful woman too! Hahaha :P I love the presentation of the food and I’d love to go here one day :D It’s so farrrrr though but I’ll definitely keep in my “Place to eat” list :D

    October 1, 2016 at 9:01 am
    • Gryselle
      Reply Gryselle

      You may check out their other branches, I think they also have a branch in BGC, Taguig. And if you are ever gonna dine here, make sure to order their steak. I was told that I should have ordered the steak ahead of time! I guess I ordered the wrong dishes. Lmao.

      October 1, 2016 at 9:38 am

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