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Crepe Amélie and Cartel Coffee + Deli in Salcedo Village, Makati

Crepe Amélie and Cartel Coffee + Deli

Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve had a mini trip to Makati. After all, with the on-and-off rain we experience right now and the Uber problem just a few weeks ago, it’s been so difficult to go anywhere conveniently. So any chance I get, I try to go to as many restaurants or cafes as I can, or until my stomach surrenders. This time, I was able to drop by two places with my sister, Crepe Amélie and Cartel Coffee + Deli in Makati. My sister was the one who recommended both of them to me. And true to her words, I loved the food and the ambiance of each place! For some reason, all of my favorite coffee shops are always found in Makati. Anyway, we first had our dinner in Crepe Amélie, then to Cartel Coffee + Deli for dessert and a quick coffee break.

cafe amelie

I’m going to start with Crepe Amélie first. My sister found out about this restaurant because it was near her work. It wasn’t really hard for me to fall in love with the place because of their homey ambiance. They had warm and dim lighting but not dark enough to strain your eyes. The interiors and decors reminded me of Mary Grace Cafe but a lot more organized and neat.

cafe amelie decors

My sister went with her usual order which is the Chicken Carbonara (P270). As for me, I opted to have the Basil Pesto Chicken (P290). I was torn between the Basil Pesto Chicken and the Mushroom Spinach Pesto but ended up choosing the former because I was craving for some meat. As much as I liked my Basil Pesto Chicken, I definitely loved the Chicken Carbonara more! I was lucky my sister couldn’t finish it so I got to eat half of the serving. Yay! Oh, we also ordered pink lemonade as our drinks.

carbonara and pesto

I took a photo of their menu, so go ahead and see if any of their food is to your liking.

cafe amelie menu

cafe amelie menu 2

After that, we went to Cartel Coffee + Deli for our daily fix of sugar (for me) and coffee (for her).

Cartel Coffee

Cartel Coffee and Deli

Like Cafe Amélie, the interiors and decors went way beyond my expectations. Their kitchen is right beside the counter/cashier so you can easily see how they make their bread and drinks.

The coffee shop itself wasn’t very big but you can almost find any delicacies you want. They have this display refrigerator where you can find different kinds of cheese and other dairy products that they have on sale. Aside from being a coffee shop, they are also partly a bakery. And they sell wine too!

cartel bread

I can’t exactly remember the names of the pastries we ordered, but I’m pretty sure the cookie is a Dark Chocolate Cookie. The bread is like a croissant but with creamy chocolate filling inside. We just picked both of them out from the display they had beside the counter.

cartel bread and cookie

As for the drinks, my sister ordered her favorite Iced Coffee while I went ahead and tried something different. I wanted to see what the Yardshake was all about so despite having no tolerance to coffee at all, because heaven knows I can’t drink a drop of coffee unless I want to stay up in bed all night, I still ordered it anyway. No regrets there because I absolutely loved it! Hence, it is now my new favorite drink.

cartel yardshake

This is me contemplating on what to order. I swear my sister makes it a habit to take candid photos of people.

michelle mae

On the other hand, I shoot well-taken photos with my handy smartphone. You’re welcome, my dear sister.


Needless to say, I will definitely return to Crepe Amélie and Cartel Coffee + Deli again soon!

Crepe Amélie
Ground Level, Antel 2000 Corporate Center,
Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel. No: 751-4038

Cartel Coffee + Deli
G/F Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences,
119 LP Leviste Street, Salcedo Village,
Makati City
Tel. No: 772-8270

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