Since I’ve already blogged my favorite perfume for women, this time, I’m going to blog about Chanel Allure Pour Homme perfume for men, and one of my fiancé’s favorite perfume! At first, I thought Chanel is only a brand for women. However, during my last perfume shopping day with my fiancé, I found out that Chanel also has perfumes for men. I personally didn’t like the scent of Chanel’s perfumes for women but Chanel’s Allure Pour Homme perfume for men definitely is one of a kind.

Roses De Chloé Perfume by Chloé and Chanel Allure Pour Homme

Even though Valentines’ Day is still a month away, my fiancé and I decided to exchange perfumes as Valentines’ gift for each other.  We both decided that each of us will choose a perfume that we personally like. We specifically chose one whole day for our special exchange. It took me almost two hours to choose one, and in the end, I finally decided on Roses De Chloé Perfume by Chloé as my perfume  He, on the other hand, chose Chanel’s Allure Homme perfume. He said it was his personal favorite, and also the first perfume that he ever bought. I bought the 50ml bottle for him because the 100ml was out of stock that day. I joked around telling him I’ll just buy another 50ml bottle for him on Valentines’ day itself to make up for it. 😂

Chanel Allure Pour Homme Perfume For Men

Chanel Allure Pour Homme perfume is a classic!

Chanel Allure Pour Homme is an eau de toilette vapor spray yet the scent stays for more than 6 hours. The smell isn’t too strong and aggressive and definitely not an attention-whore. Instead, the smell is more like the scent of a gentleman, a little citrus then a light touch on Tonka as it dries down. It has a smell that all female would go gaga for, a head-turner that makes a female want to get to know the man more.

The kind of smell that I would fall in love with.

The scent is warm, sensual and light at the same time! The kind of smell that I would fall in love with. The good news is, it suits men of all ages who would like to have a noble scent on them as they walk their way down the hall. Not all perfumes are versatile, there are those chill perfumes that doesn’t suit some types of men, but this one is the whole package. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what your personality is, this perfume is a definite must buy for all men out there, especially if you have a girl you want to impress! 😉

Chanel Allure Pour Homme Perfume For Men

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Chanel Allure Pour Homme‘s perfume bottle is very simple and elegant. It is not eye-catching like its scent. Because of this, I assume that when Chanel first released this perfume, they probably like this perfume to be “smell before you judge” type of perfume. Well, if that really is the case, they definitely got it right!

Lastly, as requested by my fiance, here’s PSY’s Gentleman MV. 😂


Since I’ve fulfilled my fiance’s request and blogged about our favorite perfume, now it’s your turn!

What’s your favorite perfume? 

Don’t forget to let me know why! Cheerios~ 😘

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  1. I will check out this Allure next time I’m shopping. As a male I’m always looking for recommended fragrances. The fact that it’s a spray and the scent remains for 6 hours is amazing. Looking forward to trying it out!

  2. This post has solved my problem. I was kind of worried what should i gift my brother on his birthday. This one is the perfect gift. He would love it ❤️. Thankyou for sharing!!!

  3. I don’t have a favorite perfume and might as well say I don’t have a signature smell I guess? I’m using VS body mist as an everyday use same with my body cream, but I’m not sticking with one scent, it changes depending on what’s near to grab. Haha! Although for dates and special occasions, I like wearing the sent of Escada. For my fiance he’s using United colors of Benetton COLD, for his everyday use. and Calvin or Hugo for special occasions. :)

  4. I do not really look at men’s perfumes but it’s surprising to know they have citrus-based scents intended for men. I love musky and very masculine scents but that’s my cup of tea. Like you, I do not like the ones which are too strong to smell. I hate it. It makes my head hurts haha Can this Allure pour homme be used by women too?

  5. Sounds nice and worth a try. If the odour really sticks a couple of hours it would be a cool thing to have. I will check it out next time when I go shopping. Thanks for testing! :)

  6. This is my first time hearing/seeing this product from Chanel, I more familiar with their newly released bags! ;P The bottle is simple and elegant, might stop by a rustan’s and see if they have this! :D

  7. Thanks for your post, I have an idea now what perfume to test on malls. I’ll also give it to my husband if this scent works for me. Haha! Chloe is really a good choice, I also love it like how I love Bulgari. But my current favorite is my very own Classy perfume. :)

  8. My boyfriend and I are already in our 7th year of being together, and although by now we should know what we should get for each other, to be honest, it’s still hard looking for that perfect gift. I’d like to check out this perfume and if ever I did love it, I’ll buy it not only for my boyfriend but also for me! Haha hey you said it can be used by women too, right? :D

  9. Perfumes are ideal choice for Valentine’s Day. Glad you both are now well prepared for the day.
    I will look out for this brand here.

  10. I haven’t smelled both perfumes yet but I want to know what the scent smells like. It’s good chanel has perfume for men too! But for me I don’t like a bit of citrus for men’s perfume tho. How much is the perfume?

  11. So sweet that you & your fiancé agreed on your valentine gifts. Love your ideas shared & gonna copy it too ;) hmm…scent is important, but I love collecting perfume bottles too. So, I would need both attracting before I pay for my perfume though…a different preference. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

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