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Boulangerie22: New Bakery For Binondo’s Pastry Lovers


I have never tried the pastries of Boulangerie22 before, so when it opened in Lucky Chinatown Mall, I just had to go see what they have in store. This post was actually supposed to be published last month, but procrastination kicked in hard and I almost forgot to write about it. During their opening day, all their cakes were 50% off, which is why my mom and I went crazy and bought three big cakes! I didn’t even think about how much calories I would have to burn after eating those cakes! Good thing my sister’s godchild was having his birthday party the next day so we just gave one of the cakes to the little boy as a gift. As for the breads, they have such a wide selection of it that I was having trouble deciding which one to buy, especially since all of them looked really tasty.

These are the three cakes that my mom and I bought. The cake that we gave to my sister’s godchild was the Lovely Teddy. The cute design of the cake makes it a suitable gift for kids. It’s a chocolate chiffon cake in chocolate buttercream covered in chocolate ganache. It wasn’t hot inside the store but that bear looked like it ran a mile!


The next cake is called Wake Me Up Mocha Cake, and it is a light and airy mocha chiffon cake in mocha buttercream topped with espresso syrup. I think coffee lovers might like this cake.


The Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake looks fancier than the other cakes in the store, and the fact that it is made with dark chocolate pushed us to buy this. The two chocolate macarons included in the cake is also an added plus! I’m not exactly sure about this but when my little brother and I tried this cake, there was a hint of the taste of wine in it.


They have three different stations for the other pastries — Sweet, Savory, and Frais & Authentique.



Starting from left to right is the Dark Chocolate Madeline, Japanese Heart Pecan Butter Cookie, Japanese Heart Almond Butter Cookie, Japanese Heart Cashew Butter Cookie, Japanese Heart White Chocolate Strip Cookie, Japanese Heart Chocolate Cookie, Japanese Heart Butter Cookie, and Japanese Heart Dark Chocolate Cookie.


The bread with black sesame seeds on top is Korean Black Sesame Red Bean Bread. The one with white sesame seeds is Korean Sweet Red Bean Bread, and beside it is Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread, then Japanese Custard Cream Cheese Bread.


The one on the left is my favorite bread from Boulangerie22 and it’s called Holy Cheesus. I love it because of the 3-cheese found inside the bread. The best way to eat it is to heat it in the oven for a few minutes first to make the cheese inside melt. Yummy cheesy goodness! P.S. I was told not to microwave the bread when reheating because it will lessen the quality of the bread.


They also have floss breads, Cheddar Chicken Floss Bread on the left and Chicken Floss Bread on the right.


Italian Focaccia is the bread that has a green circle in the center, and Sourdough Campagne has white spirals on the top. They’re both found on the lowest left tray in the photo.


Aside from the loaves of bread and cakes, they also have five kinds of cookies — Dark Chocolate Cookie, Double Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Macadamia Cookie, Chocolate Walnut Cookie, and two kinds of garlic bread sticks — Honey Garlic Bread Sticks and Butter Shrimp Bread Stick.


They were also promoting their new product, the Honey Butter Loaf. It seems really tasty so I’m thinking of trying it when I go back there again.


Well, that’s about it! There were a lot of pastries that I wanted to try but I already bought three whole cakes and even though all those cakes are half the original price, it still left a hole in my wallet. Maybe next time, after all, Boulangerie22 in Lucky Chinatown Mall is just a few streets away from my house! :)

Unit 2-16A 2/F, Lucky Chinatown Mall
293 Lachambre Street, Binondo, Manila
Tel. Number: 244-7278

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  • Reply chaza

    Those cakes look great. All the food look so yummy. Sounds like an amazing shop. Thanks for sharing the info about this shop.

    October 30, 2016 at 10:22 am
  • Reply Kim

    I love their Cheddar Chicken Floss Bread! They’re the bomb diggity. :)

    October 30, 2016 at 1:57 pm
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