Pablo Cheese Tart (or some call it cheesecake) has made the Filipinos go gaga over their signature freshly-baked cheese tarts, even before they opened their store here in the Philippines. And to be honest, I was one of them as well. I was one of those who waited impatiently for the store’s grand opening, hoping to take a bit of the oh-so-famous cheese tart before any of my friends get to do so. I was excited to get a taste of their cheese tart because I heard it was really good.

But why do people love Pablo’s Cheese Tart so bad?


1)  People fall in line for it in Japan.

One of my friends was a frequent visitor of Japan and she did told me that Pablo is really famous in Japan, wherein people fall in line for hours just to be able to buy a piece of it. You see, people have a tendency to think that they should try something when they see a line right outside an establishment. My Taiwanese friends are also the same (except for my boyfriend who hates waiting). They like to fall in line in restaurants when they see a line. For them, a line outside an establishment means “it is good and that they must try it”. I experienced it first hand when I went to Tainan for a food tour. Even though there were a lot of restaurants around the area without a line, the Taiwanese people stil prefer to wait at a particular restaurant with a long queue. The Filipinos are in fact the same. When they see a hype, they follow it without really knowing why they do. That is why everyone was excited with the opening of Pablo’s first branch here in the Philippines. I am guilty of it as well sometimes.

2) There are numerous choices to choose from.

Pablo is indeed famous for their regular-flavored cheese tart. However, they also servecheese tarts with different flavors for the customers to choose from; namely, chocolate-flavored cheese tarts and matcha cheese tarts. Aside from cheese tarts, they also sell cookies, pudding, brulee, mille-feuille, soft ice cream, and drinks, as seen in the menu photos below.

Pablo’s menu from Zomato

3) The size of the cheesetart is unbelievable.

Seeing the price of the cheese tarts from the menu above probably shocked you. It did for me too. In fact, I wasn’t able to check the prices before I ordered and simply ordered thinking it would be the usual bite-sized cheesetarts. I was so surprised when I was told that it costs PHP 699 when I just ordered their regular cheese tart and totally understood why when I recived the huge box of cheese tarts. I didn’t make any research about it and have a total zero knowledge regarding Pablo’s cheese tarts. It was a good thing I brought enough money to pay for what I just bought! Learn from my mistake and check out the menu prices before you order. Haha. 😅 Size-wise, I’d say it was worth it because the size of the cheese tart was almost the same size as a cake. Now I understand why some people call it cheese cake.

A huge serving of Pablo's cheese tarts
A huge serving of Pablo’s cheese tarts.

4) It is perfectly packed for take-outs.

Despite the huge size of the cheese tarts, it was perfectly packed and convenient to bring anywhere. It is perfect for gifts and for to-go. They are well-packed and sealed making sure that it remains unscathed on your way home or to any of your destination. I brought it with me to a coffee shop and even had to ride a taxi home afterwards. Then placed it in the refrigerator. Then I brought it the next day to work and when I opened the box, it was still the same as when I bought it.



5) It is said to be the best cheese tart in the world.

There were a lot of people in line the first time I visited, and I hate lines. I hate waiting, and so does my boyfriend, so that is a no-no. Instead of falling in line, I decided to wait for the hype to calm down; and surprisingly, it did. The first time I went there was after the Binondo Food Tour with my friends. We rode the kalesa from Binondo Chinatown to Robinson’s Place Ermita where I found Pablo without a line! Okay, maybe there were one or two people in line but it is better than having more than 10 people in line right? Five customers and below in line for me is considered acceptable. Any above that is a definite negative.

Three Pretty Ladies in line
Here’s my friends and I waiting in the line. They really didn’t have any interest in Pablo. They just accompanied me to buy the cheesetart that I was dying to try.

Before getting the chance to try it myself, I was told that the cheese tart (or cheese cake) oozes with cheese with each bite. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case for me; but the cheese tart was indeed delicious. It isn’t sweet at all and it makes you want more with every bite! I bought it to work to share it with my colleagues so I wasn’t able to take another bite of it. I realized maybe I should have tasted it first. Haha. Just kidding guys. 😂

And despite the fact that I brought it to work the next day and had a chance to taste it a day aftere I bought it, the freshness of the tart still remained. The crust was very tasty and it tasted so soft, like eating an ice cream that isn’t cold! It was so creamy~ I can’t say it is the best cheese tart since it is the only cheese tart that I have tasted, but as of the moment, it is the best in the world for me. 😉

Pablo's Cheese Tart
Sorry for the crack. I actually ruined it a little when I was trying to move the cheese tart for a better photo. Decided to let it stay inside the box after cracking it a little.

Pablo Cheese Tart Philippines
Ground Floor, Robinsons Place Manila, Ermita, Manila

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  1. I love cheesecake but I’ve never tried a Pablo cheese tart. It’s hard for me to imagine it not tasting sweet since the cheesecake I know in Canada is definitely a sweet desert. Very curious now to try this one.

  2. OK,I am famous and I have never heard of Pablo cheese tart. JK I want to become good friends with this cheese tart. It sounds delicious.

  3. This looks and sounds delicious. I’ve tried cheesecake in the states from a place called The Cheesecake Factory and it was delicious. Hopefully they’ll bring a place like that to the states(:.

  4. This looks really good and I must admit, I have never ever had one. I have definitely seen cheese tarts in many places but not actually tried one. I think I just might change my mind.

  5. Just imagine that the only tart I have tried and tasted was a mango tart, it was a pasalubong of my friend and I forgot where he bought it. I would be very happy to try that cheese tart as it perfectly rhyme to my taste buds. Hopefully they will open other branches in the Visayas.


  6. I haven’t been to this Pablo branch in the Philippines, but in Osaka, I witnessed how people line up for it and I also got to taste it. Although it is delicious though, it didn’t make me want to have more. I don’t know, I just think it was just okay, and I’m referring to the Pablo in Osaka here. As with the hype, I think it’s human nature. People are heavily influenced by the society more than we care to admit.

  7. This makes my lactose intolerant self cry. You make me want to bend the rules and go all out on some of this!

  8. The best cheese tart in the world? Who can not want that! :-) It really looks delicious and I hope that I get to taste it sometime. I have a sweet tooth so I only need 1 reason to want a cheese tart..

  9. I love cheese tart! Of course now I’m definitely curious to try the best cheese tart of the world. It’s amazing people wait that long in line to get it. I can totally imagine you waited until the hype was over. I hate waiting to. Nevertheless, it does look worth waiting for.

  10. Reasons good enough! :)
    The size is really impressive. Value for money I will say.
    Loved the pics, you all look so good. :)

  11. I have heard so much hullabaloo about this cheese tart. it’s truly piqued my curiosity. I’m not sure it’s piqued enough though with those prices! I’ll be going to Robinson’s Manila tomorrow though so will be checking out. Let’s see!

  12. The first picture says it all. That cheese tart looks deliciously yummy. No wonder why you waited so badly for the joint to open and its quite understandable of the people to go crazy about these tiny cheese cakes. I mean, look at the kind of variety of cheese tarts they serve… its absolutely yummilicious…

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