5 Reasons Why People Love The Famous Pablo Cheese Tart


    Pablo Cheese Tart (or some call it cheesecake) has made the Filipinos go gaga over their signature freshly-baked cheese tarts, even before they opened their store here in the Philippines. And to be honest, I was one of them as well. I was one of those who waited impatiently for the store’s grand opening, hoping to take a bit of the oh-so-famous cheese tart before any of my friends get to do so. I was excited to get a taste of their cheese tart because I heard it was really good.

    But why do people love Pablo’s Cheese Tart so bad?

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    The Spicy Szechuan of Happy Hotpot That Makes Me Smile


    I can’t remember the first time I have had Spicy Szechuan Hotpot (麻辣火锅). Was it in China? Was it in Taiwan? All I know then was that there wasn’t any restaurant here in Manila that serves spicy Szechuan hotpot. When my Chinese friends and colleagues asked me which restaurants in Makati serves the famous spicy hotpot, I didn’t know where to start looking.  It was through a friend that I discovered Happy Hotpot (东方火锅), but the first time I dined at the said restaurant was with my boyfriend.

    Truth to be told, I got a little freaked out when we arrived at the place. The surrounding area of the restaurant was so dim. The street where the restaurant is located looks dangerous as well. But since we were already there, and with my boyfriend by my side acting as my bodyguard, we decided to go with the plan.

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    Coffee Habit: My New “Hole In The Wall” Café Find

    coffee habit

    Discovering Coffee Habit in a street we seldom pass by was a pleasant surprise. My mother, little brother, and I were driving my aunt home at around 9PM when we saw a single coffee shop in a road lacking of any establishments. The fact that it was literally the only coffee shop I saw there made it more interesting. My little brother and I managed to convince the adults to drop by Coffee Habit first since our aunt’s house was just on the other side of the street. Turns out that Coffee Habit only opened recently and they were still in their soft opening. That was around a month ago, I think? Anyway, I loved the simplicity of the coffee shop with their red and black theme. The interiors were not overbearing and loud, making it less stressful for the eyes.

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    6 Things To Do In The Old Manila – Binondo Chinatown


    Binondo Chinatown is the world’s oldest Chinatown. It is also my home as I grew up in Binondo Chinatown. I know every corner and every good restaurant around. Traffic is really bad in Binondo, but I can help you squeeze your way out and point to you the best route to avoid traffic. A lot of restaurants have opened up in Binondo, but the good ones and the ones that you should really try are the restaurants that have been operating for years.

    I currently live in Makati now, but I still go back to Chinatown whenever I get the chance to do so; or if I have to visit a Chinese grocery store for items that aren’t available in the supermarkets. I had a chance to go back last week when my friend visited Manila for a day. I also asked my Taiwanese friend to go with us since she hasn’t been to Chinatown despite the fact that she stayed almost a year here in the Philippines.  Continue reading

    Eat Well, Live Well at the Gourmand Food Market 2016

    #mylifewithsam at the Gourmend Market

    October 9 of 2016, my boyfriend and I decided to look for a food market to go to since it has been a while since we last went to a food market. We were supposed to go to Purefoods Baconfest but it was already over when we arrived, turns out we got the date wrong. The Purefoods Baconfest was only until October 8, 2016. You should have seen our faces. We were so shocked at our own stupidity and felt really disappointed. We both love bacon, which is why we decided to go to Bonifacio High Street to look for a restaurant that serves good bacon. Even though we weren’t able to attend Purefoods Baconfest but we should at least still be able to eat bacon, right?

    It was when we arrived at Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) that we discovered another food market. The Gourmand Market definitely saved our day and gave us hope. Screw bacon, we finally get to attend a food market!

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