Two weeks before my trip to El Nido, I decided to dye my hair purple after playing with an app called Make-Up Plus that makes you change your hair color. Initially, I wanted to have my hair done at a salon by professional hairstylists, but the prices were unexpectedly high and I would rather spend the money on my trip. So I went to look for different hair dyes and decided to dye my hair at home with a help of a friend who used to work at a salon.

This is the first time that I’m going to blog about a personal part of my life here in More Like Twins; and since this is my first, I want this to be huge! As you can all probably guess, yes, he finally proposed! 💍 My boyfriend got a ring and proposed to me in the most simple and romantic way of doing so minus the flowers and the crowd. A marriage proposal just the both of us in our own world. I’ll let you know more as you read on. 😉

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